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A Variety Of Venetian Blinds From Timbershades

When it comes to blinds, you have a wide range of choices. It is not just the design or fabric like in curtains. These blinds come in various size and shapes. Venetian blinds are one of the most preferred types when it comes to decorating the windows, be it at work or home. Timbershades has a good variety to choose from.

The different types of venetian blinds one can find at the Timbershades company are:


These blinds are imported and have a slight grain that is visible to the naked eye. These grains come in both painted stains and natural stains.

Country Oak

These are plantation venetian blinds that come in natural shades. You can choose from a light shade or even a dark shade, and match the other furniture and items in your room.


This is also an imported venetian blind that comes in both natural stain or artificial stain. These blinds are durable and very appealing too.

Western Red Cidar

While the above mentioned blinds are made of imported materials, this blind is what is used traditionally in the making of blinds. These come in lacquered or oiled finish.